The Tutoring Center, Sammamish WA

"My granddaughter was given a failing rating in school but after only about 2 months I have seen a remarkable turnaround. Her enthusiastic request to ask for more complex reading materials is reassuring. She is excited to attend her tutoring sessions and aspires to improve her reading and math ratings in school. That’s more than half the battle. Thanks Sammamish Tutoring center!"
Kat Schirmer (Sammamish)
"My daughter is 3rd grader and I am happy with tutoring center. She got help on areas where needed help with. All I had to do is mail them on which topics she needs help with and she gets help on those areas."
Srilalitha Movva (Sammamish. WA)
"John and his staff are great. Our daughter struggled with 6th grade math last year and it had a trickle down effect. Middle school can be a tough transition and so glad that we used the Tutoring Center to help her get focused with personalized help where she was free to ask questions without feeling like she was the only one who didn't "get it". A year of tutoring and she is different kid in her approach to her overall school work and her results. She is successful and knows how and what to do so that she can continue to move forward in her schooling. Her confidence in her own work in school has soared. This was a great investment in our daughter and her education."
Catherine B. (Sammamish WA)
"My granddaughter is doing well in school. Thanks for the great team at the Center, keep up the work."
Jose L (Sammamish)
"The entire team at The Tutoring Center has gone way above and beyond to help our family. Our child is realizing more success and has increased confidence as a result of attending sessions at the Center. We highly recommend them." 
Lisa D (Sammamish)
"We love this place!! In just a few short weeks we already saw some progress...she had a new found confidence and didn’t dread reading. I am excited to see how she progresses in a year. I highly recommend this program." 
 Michele E.
"My daughter started the tutoring center after beginning the algebra class as school. She was struggling a lot and was feeling very worried and felt the teacher was not helpful at school. The Tutoring center were very good about providing a clear plan and structure for her to follow and helped develop her foundation skills and then got her up to speed on the lessons. She moved from an F /D to a B/A. The staff are very approachable and adapt to the children's learning style quickly and communicate well with the parents. Thank you." (Sammamish Wa)  
Vicky S
"We had an amazing experience at the tutoring center. Our daughter arrived barely speaking english and even though it’s not designed for ESL, they were super patient and gave her enough confidence to make great super fast progress ! She was going there with a smile twice a week !!! And she is now fluent in english, reading ans math in english. Definitely feels like a One to One experience. Thanks to the 2 great teachers we have Li and Julie and to John for managing it super well (Sammamish WA)"
Matthieu L
"The Tutoring Center has been a crucial part of helping my child develop reading skills by providing the One-to-One Instruction method, which my child needs to stay focused. Instructors are great and my child enjoys attending the sessions."
Phuong L.Mother of 3rd grader in Sammamish
"The Tutoring Center staff, especially John, were always a pleasure to work with. Scheduling and rescheduling was a simple process, and the tutors were energetic and made learning fun for my child. My son benefitted from the one-on-one instruction process. We saw a measurable increase in my sons test scores and grades. It was well worth it.”
Tami B.  Parent of 8th Grader in Sammamish
"The Tutoring Center of Sammamish is helping my son to succeed in school for the last 2 years. Results are impressive. Thank you to John Hickman, for your leadership and passion for education." 
Galina P. Mother of 6th Grader
"My daughter started getting Ds and Fs in all subjects in 6th grade. She had trouble with prioritizing homework, focusing, and motivation. I was devastated. The Tutoring Center in Sammamish really helped change her life by giving her structure, support, and attention. Three times a week, she walks over from school and works on the math homework with the tutor. Now she has As and Bs in all subjects, including math. Thanks ,John and team for making a difference in her life!"
Kati, the mother of a 7th grader
"We have had a great experience with The Tutoring Center in Sammamish. My daughter needed some extra help after a rough year (3rd grade) and low scores on the SBA tests. John did a great job of listening to our academic concerns and assessing my daughter's needs. It was very clear where she needed the extra help with his assessment. After 6 months she was reassessed and received a awesome report card. She is doing so much better! In addition, she learned some great learning/study skills from the TC that she can use for a life time. We researched other centers and private tutoring and this was the best fit for us. We are happy we chose The Tutoring Center and my daughter is now back on track and more confident in herself!!"
Erin H Mother of Reese 4th grader, Sammamish WA
"Thank you from the bottom of my heart to John and to all the staff at "The Tutoring Center" for all your help. My son James made it this far to 12 grade because of your help and commitment to work hard with him. You took the time and explained to him in a way that he understood and that was what helped him to succeed. Good work” 
Julia G Mother of James G 12th grade
"Results speak volumes!  The team at Tutoring center have made a big difference to academic results for both our boys and have been great in accommodating their individual learning challenges."
Second review from Brenda B. after 1 year enrollment Mother of Ethan 6th grader and lachlan 3rd grader, Sammamish WA
"Our son was having difficulties in math. After going to the Tutoring Center for a few weeks, we saw huge improvements with his math scores. The tutors are great to work with, very accommodating and very patient. I would definitely recommend using The Tutoring Center!" 
Rebeca C. Mother of Tyler 3rd grade, Sammamish WA.
"I just have to thank the team at the Sammamish Center. The program helped my son in a critical moment in his sophomore year in High School, when Math started to get more complex. Not only my son was able to catch up with his grades in Math, but he also gained more confidence. Thank you John!"
 Ana D. Mother of Pedro Eastlake High School
"We are very happy with the Tutoring center. They are very flexible and also accommodate kids with special needs. We would highly recommend the center."
Ruchi J, Mother of 2nd grader Garvit Sammamish WA
"We are in our fourth year of using The Tutoring Center for both our kids. 
Owner John is very professional- communicates regularly with their teachers. His dedication and focus on working with us to continually increase our childrens academic skills and confidence since they started at his Tutoring Center is outstanding. The tutors are excellent- all highly motivated and passionate.
Our daughter was struggling and is now a gifted 7th grader working on 9th grade math and English. Our 5th grade son's vocabulary is 3 years above grade level. Their confidence is higher thanks to this program. We wanted them to gain an edge on their peers now.. well before high school and are happy we did! Highly recommended"
Caren H, Mother of 4 grader Sinjon, and 7th grader Alexa. 
"We would highly recommend the Tutoring Center in Sammamish to other parents with kids struggling with Math, Reading & Writing.  My son is currently a 4th Grader and we have been going to the Tutoring Center for the past 8 months.  Initially we wanted to give him extra support for taking the 3rd Grade SBA tests.   After the testing was completed, we stayed because we could see improvements in his school work.  The combination of The Tutoring Center, my son's afterschool program focus on his homework, the Safety Net program at his school and working directly with him in the evenings has worked great for him and us.  Last year, during the testing period, we were a bit discouraged to hear that he had rushed through the testing, but when we got his scores this year, we were very impressed with his scores placing him firmly above standard in testing areas.  John Hickman is great.  He relates to each of his students.  His tutoring schedules are flexible to work around after school commitments." 
Michele S, Mother of James. 4th grader Sammamish WA.
"Friendly Staff, and the incentives program really helped my son stay motivated.  He gained a lot of confidence at The Tutoring Center, Sammamish  and improved in his English, and reading greatly after living abroad for 5 years. I would recommend them to any family who was a child that needs to catch up to his peers in school."
Terri Sutherland. Mother of 4th grader Maitreya Sammamish WA.
“The improvement on my child’s grades for the past couple of months prove that the system is effective. Individual (1 and 1 sessions). Good connection between tutor and students. Keeps them motivated. Customer service has been excellent. Since the first visit, the Tutoring Center has been very attentive and I appreciate the constant feedback on my child’s improvement.”
Anna D., Mother of Pedro 10th Grade, Sammamish WA
“Very friendly staff. Excellent reward system to motivate. Have seen big improvement in decoding skills and self confidence.” 
Brenda B., Mother of Ethan 5th Grade and Lachlan 2nd Grade, Sammamish WA 
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