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While the new school year is already underway, it may be that you're still having trouble to get your child up and ready for school in the mornings. To help you smooth out this process, follow the tips below.

How to Get Your Child Out of Bed

Have a Solid Sleeping Routine

If your child rests well, they will be more likely to get up in the mornings. This is why they should have a sleeping routine that includes the following:
  • a talk with your child to help them realize the importance of sleep, and so you can understand their sleeping needs.
  • a sleeping schedule that they follow every single day (yes, weekends, too).
  • rules about bedtime (e.g. limited use of electronics).
  • a place to sleep that's conducive to restful nights.
  • an established bedtime routine (having dinner, brushing their teeth, etc.).

Try With Different Alarms

There are different wake-up methods you can employ to get your child out of bed in the mornings. Try with a few different ones until you find the one that works best (for example, sing to them or have their pet wake them up).

Offer Incentives

As a last tip, if you notice your child is still having a challenging time getting up, offer incentives to help them out. For instance, if they're on time every day for two weeks straight, they can choose a toy that they want from the store. This will help them inadvertently build a habit.

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