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We're mid-way through summer, which means that by now, your child already had a chance to rest, watch TV, and have fun. Moreover, it also means that if you want to prevent summer learning loss, the time to act is now. To that end, you can encourage your child to do the academic activities listed below, so they can keep their knowledge fresh and learn more about the world during their summer break.

Summer Activities for Your Child

  1. Taking your child to a summer camp (for example, science camps) will give them a chance to meet new people, have fun, work on their skills, and learn new things.
  2. Going on field trips to the zoo, the museum, or the library, can be a joyful and educational activity for you, your child, and the whole family.
  3. What better way for your child to improve on grammar, spelling, and vocabulary than reading and writing? Plus, through them, they'll also work their imagination and creativity.
  4. If you don't want your child to forget everything they learned during the previous school year, encourage them to review their notes a couple of times over the break.
  5. Finally, a surefire way to help your child learn effectively and be ready for the next grade, is to enroll them in summer tutoring in Sammamish.

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