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Children love fairy tales. If yours does, too, here are a few reasons why you should encourage them to read them more often.

How Fairy Tales Can Help Your Child

  1. A first benefit can be that fairly tales may make your child more aware of other cultures, since they come from all over the world, take place in different contexts, and go over diverse traditions. This can make them more inspired to learn about them.
  2. Fairly tales often deal with a character choosing a path and the consequences that come with it (be it good or bad). This can help your child develop their decision making skills further and understand what consequences are.
  3. A common recourse fairy tales use is that of putting the hero through some challenges. However, they always keep going, even through the hardship. This will teach your child of disappointment and resilience.
  4. Fairy tales and adventures go hand in hand. Often times, the hero will need to explore and try new things in order to get the story moving. Your child may feel more eager to do the same after reading fairy tales.
  5. Lastly, fairy tales can teach your child about the importance of relationships. A lot of times, the hero wouldn't be able to accomplish their feat without friends. This will let your child know how they can be a good friend and why they need to keep good friends nearby.

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