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Organization is key in order to keep track of your duties, manage your time effectively, and to become a more productive person. This is why it's important to teach it to our young ones and even help them keep their school affairs organized. With this in mind, below you'll find a few tips on how your child can keep an organized notebook.

How to Keep an Organized Notebook

  1. For starters, your child should have a notebook and folder for each of their subjects, and they should use them accordingly to keep their notes separated. This will make their study sessions more productive.
  2. If possible, label your child's notebooks and put their names and grades on them. Doing so will make them easier to retrieve in case your child loses them.
  3. A very important tip to keep in mind is that your child should write the date and a title on each of the pages. This will help them be more aware of their notes, and will also help them track them down easily.
  4. If your child rips pages off their notebooks, or keeps loose papers in it (which can lead to them being lost), tell them to keep their notebooks in one piece, and to use their folders.
  5. As a last tip, encourage your child to be clean with their notebooks. Encourage them to avoid dirtiness, or doodling too much, since this can be distracting when they study.

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