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As a student, notes are an important part of your life, since they are probably your main study material. For that reason, it is crucial that you learn how to take good notes that will allow you to refresh your knowledge successfully. If you want to learn a few tips on how to improve your note taking skills for this school year, continue reading.

How to Improve Your Note Taking Skills for Your New School Year

Keep Organized and Clean Notes

Having notebooks that are dirty, filled with doodles, and without any real order, can actually prevent you from studying properly for your exams. If you want to ensure that your study sessions will be fruitful, start by having organized and clean notes. To that end, you should have a folder/notebook for each subject and use these accordingly. Likewise, remember to set a date and title for each of your notes, so they're easier to track down when you have to study. Finally, keep clean notes to avoid distractions or confusion as you go through them.

Have Your Writing Tools Ready to Be Used

An easy tip that can make a big difference when you're taking notes is to have all of your writing supplies near you and ready to be used when you're in class. As you know, keeping up with what the teacher is saying when you're taking notes can be a challenging feat to achieve. Having a sharpened pencil, working pen, eraser, highlighter, sharpener, and similar tools within arm's reach, means you won't have to waste time searching for those items when you should be paying attention and taking notes.

Make Use of Different Strategies to Be an Efficient Writer

To have good notes, you need to be an efficient writer. As mentioned above, there is no time to waste when you're taking notes. You require full focus and a few strategies to make sure you're noting the information your teacher is giving out. For example, you can use common abbreviations to be a faster writer. You can also focus on writing down the main ideas of what the teacher is saying. You should also write down everything the teacher writes on the blackboard, as it's likely important information.

Write in Legible Penmanship and Coherent Sentences

Yes, you should be quick when you're taking notes. However, this doesn't mean you can be sloppy. If you don't care for your penmanship or formulate coherent sentences, you will have to spend some of your study sessions trying to decode what you wrote or what you meant by what's in your notes. Needless to say, this can affect the outcome of your sessions, and may even have an impact on your test scores. To keep that from taking place, make sure that you'll be able to read and understand the notes you take. If the reason why you're confused by your notes is that you require academic support to completely master your school subjects, trust in The Tutoring Center, Sammamish WA. Their academic programs are designed to help you become an effective learner. Call 425-202-7306 to enroll in tutoring classes in Sammamish WA, or to schedule a free consultation.

Accentuate the Important Information

After you've spent most of your class taking notes, you'll likely end up with pages full of information. However, not all of that information is equivalent, meaning that there's some that is more valuable than the rest. If you want to be able to find those key pieces quickly as you study, make them stand out with the use of highlighters and colored pens. You can use these to accentuate dates, names, definitions, formulas, among other similar data. This simple step can help you study in an easier way and will keep that important information fresher in your mind.

Ensure You Took Good Notes

Lastly, if you want to ensure that your notes are good and will actually be the study aid you require, it's recommended that you read them over once you've finished taking them. This will give you the opportunity to check that everything makes sense to you. If upon this review, you find that there's some information missing, or that something wasn't completely clear, reach out to your peers and teacher. You can compare your notes to your classmate's, or you can go to the source and ask the teacher to explain what you didn't understand.

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