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Read with Them

Reading with your child on a daily basis will help them get acquainted with the activity. While you're at it, establish the association between the words you say and what's written in the book.

Relate Letters and Sounds

To make progress on your child's reading process, you need to relate letters and the sound they make. First, ensure they know their ABCs. Next, teach them the sound each letter makes. Finally, let them know of certain letter combinations and what they sound like.

Have Fun with Rhymes

After they've become familiar with letters, combinations, and sounds, create a few fun rhymes with words that are written and sounded out similarly. This will help them realize how to put them together and start reading.

Work on Reading Comprehension

Reading entails more than just putting together letter combinations; you should actually understand what the written words are trying to tell you. To help your child begin sharpening their comprehension skills, read with them and ask them questions about the text.

Practice Often

Your child can become an expert reader if they practice this new skill often. The more they do it, the more they'll develop this skill and the faster they'll begin to read fluidly. Ensure they have material to read on a daily basis (one that's interesting to them and that is appropriate for their reading level), so they can continue improving.

Be Patient

Some parents get frustrated if their child doesn't pick up reading as fast as they think they should. However, you should realize that children learn at their own pace. Being impatient can overwhelm them and associate negative feelings with reading. Instead, be supportive and move forward slowly.

Enroll Your Child in Early Tutoring in Sammamish WA

If you'd like to ensure your young child will be academically successful once they enroll in elementary school, call The Tutoring Center, Sammamish WA at 425-202-7306. They offer early tutoring to help children get a head start on their education. Call to learn more about their academic programs, or to enroll your child in early tutoring in Sammamish WA.


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