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Being able to make yourself understood in written form is an invaluable ability nowadays. Becoming a great writer, however, requires quite a bit of work. With this in mind, The Tutoring Center in Sammamish would like to offer a helping hand by sharing a few tips on how you can improve your writing skills.

How to Become a Better Writer


If you want to be a better writer, practice your writing. Write your thoughts, your experiences, feelings; write a poem, story, or an academic piece; whatever you want, but write often!


Reading is a great habit to improve your writing. By reading great writers and texts, you’ll be able to work on your grammar, your vocabulary, your spelling, and more. Likewise, read texts about writing, to understand all of the rules you should follow and the different styles available.

Write in the Appropriate Environment

Distractions, bad lighting, uncomfortable chairs, among others, will surely cause your writing sessions to be less productive. Create an appropriate space where you can focus and write.


If you’re writing about a topic with a lot of meaning, complicated concepts, history, etc., be sure to research it as much as possible. Having a better idea of the context will help you write better. 

Make Outlines

Before you start, make sure that your ideas have structure and a logical order. This is what outlines are for! By laying out your key points in an organized manner, you’ll have a better perspective on how your text will turn out.

Have a Dictionary Close

Having a dictionary close can greatly improve your writing. You can use it to explain yourself better,  expand your vocabulary, search for synonyms/antonyms, give your text variety, and more.


Once you’re done, reread your text (a couple of times over if necessary). Find any spelling or grammar mistakes you could’ve made or ideas that you could structure better, and correct them.

Share Your Work

Ask for feedback from your friends, relatives, classmates or teacher. They’ll be able to give you a different point of view on what you’ve written, and may even contribute on and enrich your text.

Challenge Yourself

Lastly, remember that writing is a great way to keep your mind active. This is why you should strive to think outside the box when you write. Use your creativity and your knowledge, and avoid falling into clichés.

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