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 If your child is a reader, he or she is on the best path to a strong vocabulary. Reading will expose your child to a far wider range of words than conversation and media such as radio or television. At The Tutoring Center here in Sammamish, WA, our Geniuses in Training Reading Program ™, provides the necessary skills to improve your child's vocabulary. We would like to take this opportunity to share some insights on what you can also do at home.

Refer to the Dictionary

Keep an updated dictionary available to your child. Make a daily game of having your child randomly open the dictionary while blindfolded and pointing to 6 or more words while you  read the definition out loud and then write them down. Having one of those huge, table sized dictionaries makes this game even funner. ("Funner," now is that even a word?) Have your child write a story containing these words. The more nonsensical, the better.

Play Word Games

Play tried and true classic word games with your child, such as Hangman, Crosswords, Word Search, Fluster, and Scrabble. Research the newer or more popular online games as well. There are a bazillion of them out there! (Yes, "bazillion" is a bonafide word.) Make sure these games are age-appropriate and that your child's profile is parent locked, so he does not stray from the objective.

Practice Writing

Have your child keep a journal, write a blog, or write poetry and/or stories that can be printed and bound. Encourage him to write full words and sentences when texting or e-mailing. Show your child how to proof-read his own writing. Last but not least, tell your child, "Do not be afraid to make mistakes." That fear may keep him or her from writing well. Language takes an extraordinary amount of practice to master, and mistakes are part of the learning process.

We can help your child improve in the areas of reading comprehension, phonics, and vocabulary that will help your child build focus and concentration. Give The Tutoring Center a call here in Sammamish at 425-202-7306 to schedule your free consultation for tutoring in Sammamish.


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