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Let's say that you want to build the habit to run every day. Doing so can be challenging, but the following guide can help you out.

How to Build a Habit

Take Baby Steps

Not literally, of course. If you want to build a habit, you need to start out small so that it sticks. This means you shouldn't set the goal to run 100 miles a day if you've never run before. Focus on one goal and take it slow. You can build on it later on.

Go Through With It

Needless to say, if you actually want to build a habit, you need to go through with it. For example, make sure that you run every day (preferably, at the same time). Building a habit can take a few months, so keep at it.

Don't Quit

Some days, you will be tired. Other days, it will be raining outside. For those times in which you may not able to meet your daily goal, adapt and overcome, but don't quit. If you feel tired, go a bit easier. If it's raining, run indoors on a treadmill. But keep going.

Treat Yourself

Lastly, for days in which you feel your motivation is lacking, set a rewards system. For example, if you hit your running goals every day of the week, you can go for a pizza on Friday night.

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