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If you'd like your child to become an avid reader this winter, follow the tips below.

How to Encourage Your Child to Read This Winter

Turn to Holiday-Related Books

First things first: you should take advantage of the magical time of the year we're going through in order to encourage your child to become an avid reader. Not only is it likely that you'll find a lot of material for your child to get into, but the fact that the books tell stories related to what they're going through can increase their interest in reading tremendously.

Provide a Cozy Reading Environment

Even though your child may love going outside and playing in the snow, the cold weather can help you instill a love of reading in them. This is because it can help you create a cozy reading environment. To that end, light up the fireplace, have fluffy pillows and warm blankets on the couch, and give your child a hot of cocoa. After that, all they'll need will be a book to enjoy.

Give Books as Gifts

A final but helpful tip is that you can encourage your child to read more if you give them books as gifts. Doing so may help your child realize how important books can be. Moreover, if your child believes in Santa Claus, you can have him bring them a couple of books, so your child will deem those books as more special and compelling.

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