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Setting academic goals is a good strategy that can help you be more driven, keep your focus on your studies, and become a more successful student. If you'd like to set certain goals so you can improve in your next school year, below you'll find a few ways on how you can do that effectively.

How to Set Goals for the Next School Year With Help From the Tutoring Experts Near Union Hill-Novelty Hill

Set Specific Goals

First of all, you should be setting specific and defined academic goals if you want to succeed and achieve them. Setting a goal such as "do great in school" can lead to confusion and stress, since you don't have a clear idea of what "doing great" is, how long you have to work to achieve it, how you will know when you've achieved it, among many other questions that are left unanswered. For example, it may be that you want to join an academic club in school, so your goal should be "join and contribute to the physics club this next school year".

Make Your Goals Attainable

Another important thing to consider when setting goals is that you should make sure that they are ones you can reach and that are realistic. Needless to say, if the goal you're working towards seems too difficult, you may end up feeling overwhelmed and discouraged, which is a quick way to failure. Not only that, but along with making your goals attainable, you should also ensure that they are in line with who you are, what your plans are, your values, your lifestyle, and more, so they make sense to you.

Determine Steps and a Timeframe

If you want assistance to keep your undivided attention on your goals, then you should determine the steps you should take in order to reach them, as well as set a timeframe during which you should complete them. For instance, divide your goals by how long it'll take you to achieve them (in a short, medium, or long term). Likewise, you should explain in detail what you'll do in order to get to your goals; for example, if you want to get all As in your English class, then one of the steps you should take is read and write for an hour each night. Making that one of your goals will help you improve.

Measure and Keep Track of Your Goals

A practice that can help you immensely on your journey to achieving your goals is to measure them and track them. To that end, you'll first need to determine how you'll be measuring them. After that, you can start documenting your progress as you go. This way, whenever you feel stuck, or unmotivated to continue working hard, you can look back and see how far you've come. Furthermore, doing this will help you concentrate and keep your eyes on the prize, which will increase your chances of being successful. Know that The Tutoring Center near Union Hill-Novelty Hill works with experienced tutors who are prepared to provide the guidance you require to achieve your academic goals, as well as become a better learner overall. Contact them at 425-202-7306 to enroll in tutoring classes near Union Hill-Novelty Hill. 

Realize That There Will Be Obstacles

Goals are meant to challenge you in and help you reach your potential. This means that it is likely that you'll find certain obstacles along the way. In these cases, it's important not to have a pessimistic outlook on them. On the contrary, as you set your goals, think about possible challenges you may encounter and how you can face them successfully. If, as you work, you find that your current strategy isn't working as desired, know that you can always modify it.

Keep Your Goals in Mind

Finally, if you want to set goals that you'll actually work towards, you need to keep them in mind. For that reason, we recommend that you set your goals in your phone, on your computer, or on a piece of paper, and go back to them on a regular basis. This simple tip will help you be aware of the academic goals you've set for your school year, and what you should do to reach them.

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