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If your child could, they would spend their whole summer break sitting on the couch, watching TV. For that reason, it's crucial that you help them form healthy TV habits. To learn how you can do that, continue reading.

How to Form Healthy TV Habits

  1. If you preach about healthy TV habits, and you don't follow your own advice, your child probably won't listen to you. That's why, the first tip is to be an example to your child (i.e. avoid watching too much TV).
  2. It's important that you set rules for the TV. These should include: only two hours of TV a day, no TV while eating or doing something else, no TV at least an hour before bed, and all duties need to get done before watching the TV.
  3. As a parent, it's necessary that you're aware of what your child watches, to verify that it's age appropriate. If you can persuade them, have them watch high quality shows that are meant to educate them.
  4. As your child is watching the TV, discuss the content with them: the characters, the story, their decisions, and even the ads. This will help them develop their critical thinking skills.
  5. Finally, you should make sure that your child has options of other things to do so they have motivation to get off the couch. For instance, enroll them in a class over the summer.

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