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How to Help Your Child Organize Their Backpack

How your child organizes their backpack can interfere with their learning experience and even their health. To make sure your child keeps their backpack tidy, follow the tips below.

Choose the Right Backpack

First off, you need to choose the right backpack for your child. It should be ergonomic, big enough, have two padded shoulder straps, and have different sections for organization purposes. Ensure it also has a design your child likes.

Create an Organization System

If you want the backpack to be organized, then you will need an organization system that your child can follow (e.g. you can arrange things by size). It's recommended that you place heavier items near the back to avoid straining your child's body.

Pack the Backpack Each Night

If your child carries every single textbook and notebook every day, they will probably end up hurting themselves. For that reason, you should help them pack their backpack each night with only the things they'll need for the next day.

Keep Smaller Items Together

All of the erasers, pencils, pens, colors, and other smaller school supplies should be put in a pencil case or small pouch so your child won't lose them. Just make sure that they always put those items back in it.

Clean Out the Backpack

Finally, it's a good idea to help your child clean out their backpack every two weeks or so. You could be impressed by the amount of trash that can accumulate in it, so help them keep it clean, light, and organized.

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