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Perhaps your child has a little more free time than usual over the holidays and you’d like to provide an activity that’s fun and educational, in which case you could do a lot worse than to encourage them to take up a musical instrument. The Tutoring Center in Sammamish has compiled a number of the educational benefits of this activity to show that it isn’t just fun and rewarding in itself, but also a boon for your child’s academic potential!

Learning an instrument has been shown to have many neurological benefits, including the following:
  • Improved reading skills - studies (such as those in the March 2009 issue of Psychology of Music) indicate that children exposed to musical training over a number of years showed significantly better reading skills than those of their non-musical peers.
  • Improved neuroplasticity - the term ‘neuroplasticity’ refers to the brain’s ability to grow new cells and form new neural pathways as a response to particular challenges or new ways of thinking. Learning an instrument has been shown to affect the brain development of children, leading to increased growth and connections between areas of the brain, and this has been linked to many concomitant benefits.
  • Improved cognitive function - as mentioned above, increased neuroplasticity brings benefits such as improved memory, boosts to imaginative thinking and problem solving, increased concentration, and many others. Learning an instrument has also been linked to decreased risks of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and dementia in later life.

Not only that, but learning an instrument requires your child to learn other related skills that are very handy when it comes to their schoolwork, such as:
  • Time management - fitting in practice around their schoolwork, sports teams and other extracurricular activities means your child will become an expert at managing their time.
  • Discipline - learning an instrument will inevitably mean periods of struggle and difficulty, but by overcoming these your child will become more disciplined, focused and able to tackle challenges.
  • Confidence - gaining a real talent is a tremendous way for your child to increase their self esteem and confidence, especially if this includes getting used to performing in front of crowds. This is useful in all areas of life, including when giving presentations and public speaking throughout their academic career.
  • Stress relief - it’s very important that your child has outlets for his or her emotions, and music can provide this. Playing an instrument has been shown to be a fantastic stress-buster, and less stress means better focus and concentration on schoolwork.

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