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You’ve surely noticed that every child has a different personality, likes and strengths. What you may not know is that this can also affect how they learn. Your child has certain abilities which allow them to perceive the world and retain information in a certain way. If you’d like to know more about the different learning styles, and how you can adapt your child’s study sessions to make them more effective, continue reading.


Is your child good at remembering people’s faces, movies or other visual cues? If you notice that they have a tendency to perceive visual stimuli the best, then they are visual learners. You can help them learn better by encouraging them to draw, watch educational videos or make diagrams and mindmaps about their lessons.


If, on the other hand, you notice that your child picks up hearing cues well, as in they remember conversations accurately and pick up songs and rhythm with ease, they are auditory learners. For them, make up songs, discuss their topics and record the lectures so they can listen and learn.


Finally, this last group is all about movement and learning with their sense of touch. These learners are more hands on and are usually very hyperactive. If your child has these qualities, you can create experiments for them to do, teach them choreography related to the lessons, or give them learning tools they can use e.g. an abbacus.

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If your child would benefit from one-on-one instruction, know that The Tutoring Center in Sammamish can provide personalized tutoring adapted to your child’s learning style so they can learn better. Call if you’d like more information, or if you require tutoring in Sammamish.

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