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If you want to start your next school year with your best foot forward, you need to aim to be as organized as possible. Doing so will allow you to increase your productivity and use your time more effectively. An agenda can be a great tool for this purpose. However, a messy and unkempt agenda can do more harm than good. For this reason, this post will give you a few tips on how you can keep a reliable agenda for school.

How to Keep a Reliable Agenda for School

  1. You should have your agenda with you at all times. Bringing it along to school in your backpack will give you a chance to pick it up and write in it whenever needed.
  2. Next, develop a system for your agenda so you can keep it organized. For instance, you can use stickers or different colored pens to quickly identify the kinds of activities you need to do each day (academics - math, English, - social, house chores, etc.).
  3. If you want your agenda to help you in school, you should write everything down in it (events, exams, appointments, assignments, projects, and more). If you have a big project coming up, write it down on the day assigned and on the due date so you don't forget.
  4. Some assignments or tasks may require you to elaborate on them, or may change with time, which means that you should update them. If you need to add more information about something in your agenda, use sticky notes to create more space.
  5. If you want your agenda to do its part in helping you stay on track with your responsibilities, you should update it constantly. Simply crossing off those tasks that you've already completed will help you use your agenda better.
  6. Finally, you should make it a habit to always check your agenda, even on days in which you think you don't have to anything planned. Doing so will help you get used to employing your agenda as a way to remind you of your duties.

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