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Calming Nerves Going Back to School

The summer is over and it is time to get back to school. It can be a stressful time for everyone, but here is some advice to make the transition smoother for your child.

Be Prepared

Get your schedule down in advance and practice it with the family beforehand. Make sure everyone knows when and where they need to be before and after school. Get back to a normal sleep schedule a couple of weeks before school starts to avoid the shock.

Open Communication

Let your children tell you what bothers them. Ask them to be specific. Perhaps they are worried about being unprepared, or feel anxious about making new friends. Whatever it is, even if it seems irrational, listen and help your child work out the issues.

Get Help

You have a wealth of resources at your disposal- from teachers and school administrators to other parents in the neighborhood. Form a carpool or a walk group, and ask older children to keep an eye on yours. Go to the professionals if your child remains nervous after a couple of weeks.

Partner Up

Coordinate with other parents in the neighborhood sending their children to the same school. Start a carpool or organize the children to walk together. Ask older children to check up on yours. Building a community will help ease the stress knowing that you are not alone.

Do Not Punish

Keep your cool and do not punish your child for her feelings. Deal with the problems. Getting angry, or showing that you are overwhelmed, will only exacerbate the concerns your child has. Maintain composure and remember that it is a difficult time for everyone.

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