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The holiday season is a time for relaxation and a little quality time together as a family. That said, if you’d like your child to learn at the same time as enjoying themselves, then encourage them to take up reading by following these tips courtesy of The Tutoring Center in Sammamish.

Practice what you preach

Children are prone to mimic the behaviour of their parents, be it good or bad, so make sure you set a good example over the holidays by settling down with a good book yourself.

Read together

If your child does not appreciate reading independently or struggles to focus, then reading together can help engage them. Younger children may appreciate having books read aloud to them until they are more confident with their reading, and older children may appreciate you simply being there to help with any words they find difficult or to bounce ideas off.

Give books as gifts

Christmas is approaching, and giving a book or two to your child as gifts is a tremendous way to help them form positive attachments to reading. Make sure that when you buy them books you are keep their interests in mind; giving them books they find dull or difficult may in fact deter them from reading at all!

Create a book nook

Setting aside a space in your home dedicated to reading is a surefire way to promote the activity. Provide a comfy chair and adequate lighting and let your child decorate it and they’re sure to want to spend a lot of time curled up there buried in books. It goes without saying, but make sure to keep it stocked with books so that they never run out of things to read.

If your child is struggling with their reading, or indeed in any other academic area, The Tutoring Center is here for you. We offer free diagnostic assessments to pinpoint exactly how best to help your child excel at school. Call 425-202-7306 or explore our website to find out more about tutoring in Sammamish.


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