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Summer is a great time to take a relaxing family vacation. If you’re traveling on the road, it’s easy for your children to get bored and antsy. Whether you’re getting away to the beach or heading out to visit family, be prepared to keep your children busy and entertained on the road. We here at The Tutoring Center in Sammamish have some fun suggestions for you to try on the road that will not only keep your children entertained, but will also keep their brains active.

Create stories

A fun way to keep young children entertained and make sure their creativity is flowing is by encouraging them make up stories. Pick out another car on the road and have your child create a story about where they believe that car is headed. They can also create stories about the people traveling in the car. Your child can write the stories in a journal to practice spelling and punctuation. Once your child is done writing, have a story time where they get to share what they’ve worked on. You can use incentives, like snacks or music, to motivate them as they work.

Practice the basics

Young children who are learning the alphabet can play a game that requires them to spot different items that each start with different letters of the alphabet. Start with the letter A and move consecutively through the alphabet. Help your child when they’re stuck or need help with their letters. Help your child practice numbers by having them count items they see on the road. For example, ask your child to count the amount of cars in one color that pass you.

Learn the states

While traveling on the road, it is common to come across license plates from different states. Before you head out, print a map of the United States for each of your children. Whenever they see a license plate from another state, have them find the state on their map and color it in. Once you reach your destination, count how many different license plates you came across.

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