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A seemingly simple milestone, that some children do not grasp as quickly as others, is sharing. As a parent, you’ll typically begin to see signs of your child’s ability to share, around the age of two. However, for some children this takes longer, while for others, sharing is never an issue and they are always willing. Whether your child is well past the age where he or she should have begun sharing or not, there is still an opportunity to work on sharing skills as your child grows. If you think your child could use some help in learning to share well then The Tutoring Center in Sammamish would like to give you a few tips on how to help him or her along in this goal. 

The first step in determining your child’s level of sharing sensitivity is to simply observe him or her at play with others. You may notice right away that your child is not interested in sharing toys with others or even that he or she is always the ‘taker.’ On the other hand, you could see that your child is often the ‘giver’ or is passive in allowing others to take toys away, even if your child was engaged in play with said toys. Being able to see where your child is, and his or her level of sharing, is an excellent place to start. 

Next, you’ll want to model sharing behavior by being generous with your child and others. If you have a tendency to be selfish but do not want to see that attitude in your child, then you will need to eliminate the attitude in yourself. Share with your child, of course letting him or her know what belongs to you and what precautions should be taken. 

Next, you can help your child learn to share by engaging him or her in ‘sharing’ play. Sharing can be forced, but it’s more important that you get your child to share because it’s a desired behavior. You can start by giving your child a few pieces of candy, but impressing on him or her that all of the candy should not be kept. As your child to distribute the candy to others. If you do this in your home, your child may obviously attempt to share with you or a sibling. Don’t be surprised if your child attempt to share with a stranger, if you play this game outside of the home. 

Continue to work with your child until you see significant improvement, and remember to provide your child with rewards as he or she develops. If you happen to notice that your child is having difficulty in some academic subject, then remember that you do not have to go about catching him or her up on your own. One way you can help your child to get ahead in school is by creating an at home study space. If you decide your child could benefit from a tutor, The Tutoring Center is ready to work with your child in academic pursuits. For tutoring in Sammamish be sure to contact us today, 425-202-7306.


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