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As a parent, you are always worried about providing your children with everything they need to excel in school. However, having a study space at home is a common neglected detail in their study habits that has many advantages, as it helps boosting their concentration and instilling a study routine. For this reason at The Tutoring in Sammamish, we created the following post containing some useful ideas on this important topic.

Finding a Spot

You will need to find a place in your home that it’s intended for studying only; this will set the right frame of mind to learn. Remember that the spot you choose should have plenty of natural light and be located away from any noise and activities that take place in your home, so don’t forget to remove any distractions like TV, cell phones or even pets.  


Now, you should provide the place with a comfortable chair and desk; remember that the sitting position should be neither too comfortable nor too uncomfortable to prevent your children from sleeping. Also, a good illumination is crucial to prevent eye strains and fatigue. Last but not least, set the thermostat to a cool temperature. 


Don’t forget to establish a clear study schedule and rules. Keep in mind that long study sessions are ineffective. Try instead short but intensive study periods and don’t forget to include breaks to keep your children motivated. 

Solid study habits will allow your children learn better and improve their school performance. If they are currently learning on their beds or in front of the TV, you should consider these simple and effective suggestions. Also, be sure to read our previous post on overcoming procrastination.

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