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When used the right way, dictionaries can be extremely helpful learning tools. For example, if you have a student at home, a dictionary can allow them to build up their vocabulary. However, if your child is young and doesn’t know how to use the dictionary yet, below you’ll find some helpful tips on how you can teach them to do so effectively.

How to Use a Dictionary

  1. In order to use a dictionary, knowing the alphabet is crucial, which is why you should go over the ABCs with your child. You can even sing the alphabet song along with them to review the order the letters are in.
  2. Provide your child with the right kind of dictionary. As you know, there are different types (to translate, with pictures, specialized, and more), but a small, paperback English dictionary may be the best option.
  3. Now that your child has their own dictionary, teach them about its different components. For example, some include a word’s pronunciation, part of speech, and even a thesaurus. Explain these parts to them so they can use the dictionary correctly.
  4. To teach your child how to search for a word, tell them to look for the first letter of the word in the dictionary. Once they’re in that letter’s section, they can use the guide words at the top of the pages to quickly assess if the word they need is in that page.
  5. Finally, ensure that your child understands the definitions of the words they’ve searched for. To do this, encourage your child to look up the meaning of other unknown words within the definition to get a clearer grasp on the concept.

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